There is a flawed perception among Kenyans that if a candidate does not have the popular numbers, voting for that candidate is a waste of votes. Kenyans are therefore ignoring excellent candidates like Peter Kenneth, who is factually known to have the best development record in the country and is one of the few members of parliament who pay taxes on their salaries, and jumping on the Uhuru and Odinga bandwagon due to their popularity.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have been in government too long and thanks to their fathers’ names, are still relevant among Kenyans however, how  well have these two men contributed to economic development especially among the tribal members they drag into their political arena?

It always appears that Uhuru’s and Raila’s bank accounts and personal wealth are always on the rise while the tribes men and women who fight for them always seem to be on the losing end with loss of life, increased unemployment, poor education and health development and so much more .

The Luo people have seen very little development under Raila Odinga. I appreciate his and his father’s contribution to our freedom to choose our leaders however, the only relevant development Mr. Raila has brought to his community is the Kisumu airport.  How much has Mr. Raila contributed to education that is not his own creation? How about business training opportunities? How has he contributed to health development, food security and employment? Why are the Luo people so economically frustrated when Raila has been Prime minster for five years?

Uhuru Kenyatta is the kind of leader who wants to be recognized for his name and not held accountable for his actions. We appreciate his father’s contribution to our civil liberties but how has Uhuru Kenyatta personally contributed to the justice Kenyans need? Has he fought for those displaced in land issues? Has he gone down and dirty to help the Kenyan voter? How has he contributed to education progress? How about health issues, business training and national and food security? Uhuru is preaching solutions if he is elected President but, a true leader gets things done while still “unrecognized”. Uhuru followers are soaked in ensuring a Uhuru- Ruto victory when some don’t  even have an acre of land to their name. Mr. Ruto has also been entangled in a land grabbing case for a very long time. Some Uhuru supports think this land case is new but it isn’t. Ruto  already apologized to Muteshi saying he had been cheated into buying the 100 acre piece of land and wanted an out of court settlement. Ruto knew he was wrong and yet, we ignore these injustices in the name of winning tribal political points.

The western governments are also concerned with an Uhuru/Ruto Presidency and for good reason. These men are suspects in the 2007 Kenyan instability case and it is important for Kenyans, especially the Kikuyu people, to understand that these charges do not come out of thin air. Believe it or not, like most countries in the world, there are Spies in the country who report information relevant to what they are assigned to do. Some of you work with and for these spies and don’t even know it. The ICC has evidence against Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr. Kenyatta knows it. This is not an affirmation of guilt towards Mr. Kenyatta but his innocence will have to be proven at the International Criminal Court which Kenya is a part of.  Uhuru’s attitude towards the charges against him is telling and indicates his loss of concern for the Kenyan people. Uhuru is defiant and encouraging Kenyans to ignore the West but did you know that  the World Bank was a major contributor in the funding the Kenyatta family used to purchase the thousands of acres of land the family owns? Uhuru doesn’t mean it when he tells you to ignore the West. He is encouraging Kenyans to vote for him because he is hoping for an ICC vindication through a presidential win. Mr. Kenyatta knows Kenya has benefited a great deal from international partners and we cannot do without them. For those bible believing Kenyans, remember what is required of you-“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Prophet Micah 6:8) Open your eyes to justice.

Kenyans need to remember the pain the country has gone through. The country needs to move forward and forget the past. Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Odinga are no longer with us and their children are not them. This is 2013 and we should not be divided on tribal lines. Kenya does not belong to Kikuyus, Luos or any other tribe. Kenya belongs to Kenyans. Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are controversial men who use their tribes and fathers’ names to gain political advantage. Kenya does not need a tainted Presidency and definitely not one that will bring our economic progress back to decline mode. We need a leader who will unite the country and Raila and Uhuru, who I am sure love Kenya, will not do it for Kenya.

If Raila Odinga wins the 2013 election, some, not all, kikuyu people will be frustrated for having a President whose tribe they don’t like (a very shallow mental attitude to have). If Uhuru wins, some, not all, Luo people will also be frustrated both mentally and economically. We therefore need a neutral leader, one who will establish a strong unified and progressive Kenya, providing access to economic development for everyone regardless of tribe. Kikuyus should not be the only business dominating tribe. Other tribes should also have equal access to loans and opportunities. We need a Kenya that manufactures most of her products at home and limiting unnecessary imports,(Kenya’s balance of trade is in the red meaning we import more and export less-a clear sign of economic failure), we need a Kenya that provides improved education and health opportunities for everyone. We need a leader who will work with all tribes and not just choose certain tribe members to head certain departments and ministries, ignoring well qualified citizens. This is the injustice we should expect if Uhuru or Raila become President.

The good news is, thanks to the late Jaramogi Odinga and his fellow power house, Kenyans have the power to change Kenya by voting in whomever we want. This means, we don’t have to settle for Raila Odinga or Uhuru Kenyatta.

During the Moi Era, we had no choice but to take whatever leadership handed to us so, I encourage you my brothers and sisters, to use this power for good and Keep Uhuru and Raila away from the Kenyan presidency and vote leaders who have a proven track record. We vote for these leaders to serve us and not to be our masters. Get out of your comfort zones and for once in your life, look at a candidate who has done well through his service. The Moi era also brainwashed Kenyans into thinking that we are to “worship” our leaders and not hold them accountable for their words and actions, this is also  flawed. If you don’t like what is being dished out, change it. VOTE WISELY and yes, your vote counts.


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  1. ngemi ciumaga na mucii,you cant pretend to be a presidential candidate without your support from your own house,peter kenneth to say is a good guy but politically for now is wasting time resorces financies which i guess have been funded by wazungus to spoil uhuru votes in favor of his opponents,you cant rule out tribe card in kenyan politics today since its the order of the day,just wait to be frustrated by march 5

  2. reads nice until here………. Other tribes should also have equal access to loans and opportunities. ….are you saying the kikuyus have been getting loans that others have not, oh i need to change my name to Kamau…

  3. Keep this scrap for yourself man & thank you very much for your diminishing insight. Style up & be real. My vote counts.

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