The Kenyan dream is finally being realized and most Kenyans are excited about the various opportunities coming their way. With international tech companies such as Microsoft, Google etc wanting a piece of Kenya, Kenya has the potential to produce a very wealthy middle class but are we prepared?

.So how can you profit from this economic boom that is about to hit Kenya like a storm?

1) Be technically prepared; Have the relevant technical skills in the field you plan to put your energy into. A degree is good but hands on experience is even better. If you do not  have the opportunity for paid earned experience, volunteer for a few months while you wait for the job of your dreams but do not be idle.

2) Invest in the stock market; Stocks are a money maker, a secret most Kenyan ignore possibly due to the lack of knowledge on how stocks can earn a big return. Educate yourself on the benefits of investing in the Nairobi Stock exchange and implement the knowledge. Do not procrastinate. Stock dividends take time to produce satisfactory returns and early investments are a key to great future earnings.

3) Be an entrepreneur. Job security is good but is never guaranteed. While you put your effort into someone else dreams, think of ways to diversify your income. In addition to the stock market, look into service ventures. The main idea is to present what people need. Be creative. Look at ways to make life easier for others and turn that into a business. The country is expected to have a dominance of foreign investors who are used to certain life styles. Use the internet to expand on your knowledge of some of the various services international investors are used to and turn that knowledge into money.

4) Be technologically savvy. Kenya is becoming a technology hub. If you do not know much about technology, i encourage you to get involved otherwise, you will be lost and someone else will take over your piece of the Kenyan dream. There is going to be so much money in the Kenyan technology business and you must know how to get it.

Networking is key to improved technological superiority. If you don’t know how to physically network, the internet has lots of international networks that you can join and expand on your knowledge of what is new in the technology world.

5) Remember, you are valuable. Be kind but do not be foolish. With an influx of success comes an influx of con-men and women and those who want you to sell your soul for a cheap price. Know your value. Do not settle for a mediocre salary or compensation. Sell yourself as a valuable employee or business partner who expects a fair compensation for good work. Most of these foreign investors are coming to Kenya with the perception that Africans will settle for anything to improve their lives. This is a sad reality that you must keep in mind when doing business especially with international partners. Go for the best.

6) Know your rights. As a citizen of Kenya, you are entitled to fair employment opportunities. Do not let anyone deny you a job or an opportunity for reasons other than lack of qualification. If you feel that you have been unfairly denied an opportunity, you have the right to demand justice.  The ministry of labor is there to serve you at Address: Box 40326-00100 Nairobi, Tel: +254 20 2729800  Complaints:


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