Uhuru’s Supporters Preventing Political Progress?


Jubilee sentiments are all over the country and as expected, 90% of Uhuru supporters happen to come out of the kikuyu tribe. There is nothing wrong with supporting your favorite candidate but these sentiments have become too negative going as far as accusing other Presidential candidates of being traitors for not supporting their “brother”, Uhuru Kenyatta. Thankfully, these sentiments are not shared by all supporters.

For strange reasons, majority of the Uhuru supporters believe that Kenyan leadership is a birth right that their candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, must not be denied. Majority of his supporters refuse to look at his flaws and are blindly falling for the trap that is set ahead of them which is, to vote in a man not because of his character or his contribution to society but solely because he is a Kikuyu who happens to be the son of Kenya’s first President.

The reality of the matter is this kind of thinking is hurting Kenya’s political progress. Kenya has come a long way and by basing the Presidency solely on tribe, Kenya is headed back to political suicide and a destruction of the vision for unity. This type of thinking is based on a selfish attitude of placing oneself above others and wanting to control all aspects of the country’s wealth and government without concern for other citizens’.

While we know Jomo Kenyatta was Kenya’s first President, it should come to the attention of Uhuru’s supporters that he would not have been President without the help of Jaramaogi Odinga. We should also remember that Raila Odinga played a major role in the election of Mwai Kibaki as president of Kenya. Not saying Raila is any better but my point is we cannot move forward without each other’s strengths. We ushered in a new wave of progress from colonialism to independence by working together. We then moved from Moi’s dictatorship to real democracy by working together. We have to work together to see vision 2030 come to fruition for the benefit of all Kenyans.

Kenya has received the international community’s attention and foreign investors want a piece of Kenya’s wealth by all means necessary. Kenya cannot lose her grip of  her resources to foreigners. We must learn from countries like Nigeria and not give power to those who want to dominate our economy for their own selfish interests. The only way to protect what is ours is by working together and voting in leaders who will not tolerate corruption and leaders who will enhance the livelihood of all Kenyans by creating jobs, fair business opportunities among other things. Division creates cracks that cause negative attitudes towards each other and it is these attitudes that cause civil wars. Kikuyus, Luos or any other tribe cannot build Kenya alone. Unity is our strength and this is what we must remember when voting for Kenya’s next President. Let go of the politics of self-promotion and focus on what would benefit all Kenyans.

In 2013, Kenyans need to look at the candidates and focus on what they have done for those who elected them five to ten years ago and how they would contribute to our future democratic, economic and social progress. There is so much corruption in government and whether we accept it or not Uhuru Kenyatta, like Raila, has been part of the problem for years. We need to look beyond “the tribe” and “the name” and look at Uhuru the man. What contributions has he done for the community? How has he helped the people of Kenya? What has he done to improve the lives of those he works for?

The country has over forty tribes but the current administration has alienated other tribes by giving majority of government roles to Kikuyus and this is unacceptable. Kenya has well educated non Kikuyus and everyone must get a shot at leadership. Diversity brings fresh ideas that everyone benefits from if we give each other a chance. No one has a divine right to the Kenyan Presidency therefore, as we prepare to vote, remember to vote for Kenya not for a tribe. We have to move beyond tribal politics. It is a new day and we must embrace the new day.


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