Uhuru Kenyatta’s 99 problems but Land Ain’t One

We all heard Mr. Uhuru proclaim his 30,000 acres of family land in Taita Taveta. Well, we know Mr. Uhuru failed to inform the public of  all the other acres that were legal purchases through “willing buyer, willing seller”, whatever that means. If you want to know how much land this family owns, please see the breakdown.

30,000 acres in Taveta,
50,000acres in Taita,
29,000 acres in Kahawa Sukari,
10,000 acres in Gatundu,
9,000 acres in Kasarani,
5,000acres in Thika,
10,000 acres in Naivasha,
52,000 acres in Nakuru,
20,000 acres in Bahati,
10,000 acres in Rumuruti,
40,000 acres in Endebess,
100 acres in Karen, and
1,000 acres in Dagoretti.

Kenya is a small country and there are citizens losing their land with no where to go because people like Uhuru and Ruto are taking everything from them. WE MUST STOP THIS.


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