Kenya has had her elections, we have a president Elect and everything seems set in stone, right?  Right. Raila Odinga’s petition at the supreme court may eventually be a waste of time and a channel to add more fuel to the tribal politics in Kenya.

Raila has had great democratic intentions for Kenya but the problem is, Kenyans are not ready for democratic maturity. The tribes men of Uhuru Kenyatta  see  Raila Odinga’s petition  as a challenge by a Lu0 trying to dethrone their elite ruler who is “ordained by god” for a leadership set in stone in their favor. They fail to see that the petition is not against the Kikuyu but against election irregularities.

This sad truth  is proof  that  some Kenyans are obviously viewing the supreme court case from a tribal perspective. The  fact is,  the 2013 election had some irregularities and instead of Kenyans coming together to fight these irregularities, they are celebrating when one person’s section of the petition is denied creating a war on words against each.

Kenyan leadership issues stem from the perception of Kenyans that  leaders are to be treated as gods whose actions we dare not challenge and as long as they appear powerful, we are to submit and worship them.  The 2013 elections were a sign to the world on how  far Kenya has to go in terms of a fair democratic process. At this point in time, we now know that the majority of Kenya’s population is not ready for change and a small section understands the importance of a true democratic process.

To the Kikuyu, the presidency is an ordained position established for them and this position should not be questioned regardless of whether the candidate is an ICC suspect or rigged the election. This   mentality  is killing Kenya’s democracy and truth be told, has created a rift in the country and it stands to affirm that Kenyan politics is an Oligarchy which only the supreme court can denounce.

Kenya’s position as the hope of Africa is slowly diminishing and her political position in democracy is the reason for this. Most investors view an election as a sign of  a country’s maturity level . Kenyans may have “peacefully voted” but the country has proven to the world that corruption and division are set in stone and is proof that in order for a certain group to excel, there must be division.






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