President Uhuru and William Ruto using the Apartheid playbook to oppress and silence the opposition

It has been a little over three months since the Kenyan Presidential elections and over the course of these months, the Jubilee government has spent more time and energy in trying to silence the opposition than they have channeled into the developmental process of the country.

The Jubilee government has made it its mission to ensure that  their opponents in the last election are cut out of the Kenyan political process. They have used every measure available to them, including the courts, to embarrass the opposition and are currently, against the supreme constitution of Kenya, fighting against devolution through censorship of the Senate and control of the Governors’ decision making process.

Sounds familiar? Well if you are familiar with the Apartheid government then you know that this is the play book which the then government of South Africa used to oppress ethnic South Africans and ensure that Nelson Mandela and his party were finally cut out of all efforts to voice equality. Mandela was the voice of the oppressed and a thorn in the flesh of the apartheid movement. He demanded equality and fair distribution of resources for all South Africans regardless of race. The Apartheid regime tried, through all means necessary to silence their opposition and for this reason, Mandela went into hiding and long story short, was later arrested.

Uhuru Kenyatta speaks of the need to unite the country but, is miserably failing at this effort because he has the desire to lead the country with an iron fist. Kenya is now a multiparty democracy which means, decision making processes cannot be made without the consultation of the opposition.Kenya is no longer what she was 20 years ago. The country’s democracy has evolved and the Moi regime can no longer work in the new structure of government. The Jubilee government sees anyone who opposes their ideals, whether good or bad, as an enemy that must be shut out of politics. This here is not the way to lead a multiparty democracy. The opposition must be given a voice to thrive. These efforts intended to cut out Raila from politics are not intellectual moves especially not three months after the elections when passions are still high and the country’s political dust is yet to settle.

 Accepting the role of opposition is the best ticket to Kenya’s unity and does not in any way limit the President’s power. Uhuru needs to channel resources into opposition areas, consult with opposition leaders like Raila Odinga on what he believes is good for opposition strongholds like Nyanza and begin the unification process from there. A sound minded President will understand that his success is based on his ability to reach out and work with his  opponents  on matters that would affect the county’s development.  It is time for Uhuru Kenyatta to quit this dictatorial manner of government and submit to the constitution to allow proper economic development.


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