Why Kenyans should listen to Uhuru on Trans African Trade


I know, at this moment, everyone is understandably dissatisfied with President Uhuru’s leadership skills especially regarding his stance on teachers’ pay and the VAT Bill among other things, however, how many people are really listening to Uhuru Kenyatta? Beside his shortcomings, Uhuru Kenyatta has a vision; a vision for Africa as a  self-sufficient continent capable of  trans African trade and one that is independent of western countries  for her survival.

Kenya currently has many unresolved issues that need resolution but, President Uhuru’s quest for an independent Africa makes sense. America and China are out to dominate and police the world and are doing everything in their desire for economic domination, especially in Africa, to get their hands on every oil and mineral wealth available for grabs. President Obama is portrayed as the savior who is bringing energy and other form of development to Africa but, whoever controls your resources, controls you and this is the type of dependency President Uhuru is trying to distance Kenya from.

At this very moment, in a selfish effort to invade Iran, the US has created what is an imminent civil war in Egypt. These actions are affecting East Africa’s economy  with Kenya’s tea and coffee sales being affected. We are all aware that that the Suez canal is an important route for international trade. Any instability in Egypt has the potential to result in high transportation costs that would obviously paralyze Africa’s economy.

 Anyone wonder why there has been an increase in African instability ever since Obama became President of the USA? He is no friend of Africa and only the wise can see this. Kenyans must begin to create a system of self-sufficiency and take control of her resources. Stop giving your oil and minerals to these foreigners. These countries use Kenya’s cheap labor, export these minerals and oil for processing in their own countries and then sell them back to Kenyans and other African countries as finished products at higher costs.

In order for the Trans Africa trade vision to materialize, Kenyans need to invest in job creation, education and local manufacturing.  Forget the imported laptops and the Vice President home renovations that add no value to our economy instead, we should focus on creating a Kenya that will be the African country with a laptop manufacturing plant.  President Uhuru, you have a great vision. Channel that vision into reality; work with your MPs, Senators and cabinet ministers as well as the opposition to lead Kenya to self-sufficiency. Teachers want their pay? Fair and nice, give it to them because education is key to economic success. Become the President who did what others failed to do. Let this be your legacy.

How about the ICC cases? Well regardless of the outcome at the ICC, Western countries are out to destabilize Africa in order to take full control of her resources. It is a war for control of African wealth. SO whether Uhuru wins or loses the case, Kenya will still lose unless we begin to take control of our own destiny. It is better to take our economic lemons and turn them into self-sufficient lemonade before we are forced fed inedible economic lemon peels.


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