I will get straight to the point. Mr. Kenyatta, the Kenya government is not private property and your family doesn’t own the rights to the government of Kenya. The manner in which you are handling Kenya’s business and Kenyan finances are unacceptable and has made most to believe that you think you have the right to spend whatever you want, however you want simply because your father was once a Kenyan President.  

My number one issue with you, Mr. President is,  you seem to have this idea that everyone is supposed to bow down to everything you say without question. President Kenyatta, this is the 21st century and Kenyans are more aware of their rights than you think. We have a new constitution and you may need to rethink your leadership style because, the Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi style of leadership will not work in this current Kenya. In this Kenya, you are a servant and accountable to the people.  You will have political opponents and yes, they do have a right to speak against your government without fear of prosecution or arrest. And if they have the belief that you are not handing Kenya’s business in an effective manner, they also have a right to speak against that. Government is all about checks and balances and you need to allow room for criticism.

MY second issue with you is your attitude towards devolution. Devolution is a system of government that Kenyans voted for and are interested in perfecting. You need to heed to that system of government and stop fighting against it and stop amending the law to suite your desired type of leadership in order to gain financial leverage against the county Governors. The Kenyan people decided that local governments needed the power to develop with some level of independence from the central government. Devolution means, the President has been stripped off some financial control powers and the President’s job is to enforce the constitution and not fight against the system that Kenyans want. In the Devolution system of government, you Mr. President, are just a  “best man” and the real “grooms” are the governors. The county business is the Governors’ business. Your job is to make executive decisions that would lead Kenya to greater heights and you need to let the Governors do their job. Release the necessary funding needed to help county governments take off and stop holding development.

The other issue is, Mr. President, Kenyan workers have a right to strike without fear of being intimidated. It is a shame that your government would fine teachers for exercising their constitutional rights. What kind of leadership is that? If workers are not happy with their working conditions as well as their pay, the constitution does allow them to strike. Please respect the right of Kenyan workers.

Kenyans also have a right to acquire wealth. You are driven by passion to acquire everything as though the needs of fellow Kenyans mean nothing to you. See for example, the KCC issue. There are people who voted for you and who depend on KCC for their livelihood. Your desire to take over and monopolize milk production in Kenya is nothing but utter selfishness. These milk farmers deserve a share of whatever direction KCC is headed.

Finally freedom of press and information is every Kenyan right. Stop trying to twist the arm of the Kenyan media and allow them to do their job. As long as the information being reported is accurate and opinions reflect the current situation in the country, do not interfere with freedom of speech for news media, bloggers as well as radio and TV personalities.


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  1. well said

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