While everyone was obsessing over the Kidero-Shebez incident, another victim was being ignored by the Kenya Media possibly to protect Uhuru and Ruto. Her name is Nancy Kaveve who was found dead in her room at a facility she had been putting up  with a note allegedly addressed to , President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. The note asked them to ‘enjoy life with their families’ because they (Uhuru and Ruto) seem determined to avoid justice at the Hague.

You see, Nancy had been devastated that the Jubilee government had successfully passed a motion in parliament severing links with the International Criminal Court. She had watched as Jamleck Kamau claimed on the parliament floor  that the victims had healed and reconciled and that there was no need for a judicial process. Nancy’s heart was  broken. She had been heard stating that that 400000/=  offered to IDPs was too cheap to buy justice.  Nancy’s heartbreak led to her suicide.

Nancy had been a  post election violence victim who was raped, infected with HIV/AIDS and whose husband and children were killed in the 2007 post election violence. Uhuru is accused of the rape and heinous murders which took place in Naivasha where Nancy lived. Murder gangs came for her family, killing her husband and children and raping her till her womanhood was deformed. Before she died, she had been undergoing reconstructive surgery to remake her private organs.

While more information on this incident seemed to have been “censored” by the government, Nancy is an example of the desperation many post poll victims are undergoing with constant political posturing and talk of “reconciliation and healing” as opposed to responsible parties  facing the law.

Nancy’s note read

“…..I have waited and nothing is coming, I watched my daughter and two sons slaughtered and my husband neck cut like a chicken, I was raped by 13 men, I contracted AIDS, and my life has been hell. While I’m suffering you are just enjoying good life and laughing with your family, I have none to call my own. ICC has been my only hope and you managed to pull out. You want nothing good for me and since that’s what you wanted i’m gone to join my family. You can continue enjoying life and may your family live not to be in my shoes………..”



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  1. This is so terrible. But then again, what do you expect from men like Uhuru or his buddies. They lack conscience and are greedy

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