It has been a little over seven months since Kenya’s general election but, it seems the Jubilee government is already on a downward spiral.

The situation is getting so bad that some of their own voters are beginning to question the government’s sincerity in serving their interests.  There seems be  a lack of effective leadership within the Jubilee government and the void is becoming notably evident  with no better situation  to justify  my sentiment than the Westgate tragedy.

The thought that government had knowledge of an impending attack and did nothing to curb it is a clear indication of failure.  Terrorists have been threatening Kenya  with attacks since 2011 and The US embassy also warned Kenya of  imminent attacks but no one seemed to take these threats and warnings  seriously.

With the jubilee government, there is an obsession with power and money. Everyone wants something and they want it now regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Well,  on 9/21/2013,  Kenya got hurt in the process and this is why Kenya’s main opposition needs to take a stand and begin to implement what Jubilee is lacking i.e LEADERSHIP

Despite their minority status, a strong voice of reason can emerge from these ashes and remind Kenya of the need to be clear headed and think as Kenyans, not tribes. CORD needs to also stay  tough with government agencies to find out what is being done and how it affects Kenya. CORD must also hold government accountable for any failures that have a direct impact on Kenya’s economic and social well being.

CORD needs to use media and bloggers to  spread their agenda and educate voters on the importance of what they do as an opposition. Voter information is the first step to effective leadership. CORD needs to call out Jubilee on its failures and not be afraid of any backslash. The voice has to stay active, not only in parliament, but on the ground as well. Let voters know why Jubilee policies are wrong and offer effective alternatives that will work.

CORD needs to shift strategies and do  what has never been done in Kenyan politics.  If CORD has to go door to door with pamphlets, so be it. Use celebrities to pass on  messages of unity . Create  social gatherings that accept all members of all political affiliations who are willing to meet and share ideas on how to move Kenya forward and finally, do not forget to  register voters in the process.

Raila Odinga has laid a very strong foundation of democracy for the opposition and he can’t always be there. It is therefore the duty of CORD leaders and followers to ensure that the foundation stays strong . The voters’ voice is powerful. Case in point, the VAT on milk has been removed because of voter backlash. This is your strength CORD and you are the voice of reason that might just bring the change Kenya is looking for and you don’t have to win the Presidency to do it.


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