Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta is a calm and reserved personality who prefers to be the solider who would rather avoid the war-zone and serve from the back and this is commendable however, as first lady of the country, she has taken reserved measures in issues affecting the needs of average Kenyans and most Kenyans feel she is out of touch.

In comparison to other first ladies, Mrs Kenyatta’s background has allowed her access to a broader understanding of what affects communities but she is not taking advantage of  this  to voice and establish her own agenda for the country and even yet, the importance of what her husband is trying to achieve through his various policies. There is no clear understand of what her agenda really is.

First ladies are not exempt from politics and most fight to educate masses on their husbands’ agendas. Take for example Mrs. Obama’s campaign to convince Americans that her husband’s fight for healthcare was a winning strategy though not popular. She hosted lunches, a limited number of interviews and many other activities that actually helped make healthcare reform a success. This is the kind of spirit that Mrs. Kenyatta, a well informed individual,  needs to  adopt in order to help her husband achieve his Jubilee manifesto.

One of the issues Kenyans are having to deal with is the VAT issue. It isn’t popular right now but, Mrs Kenyatta could have easily been able to convince most Kenyans that the agenda is good by explaining the importance of the tax reform without getting political . The country is also very divided politically. Mrs. Kenyatta can easily take the fight to unite the country by visiting regions that are resistant to her husband and use her warm charm to bring the people together by working with women and children in those regions.  No one can resist her charm. She is beautiful and well spoken. And on the West Gate tragedy,  in addition to the facebook posts, Mrs. Kenyatta could have used the opportunity to bring Kenyans together to help the victims of the tragedy by actually donating blood in addition to her pledged support for mobile blood units. Sometimes, it is not always about business.

Taking a back seat due to a reserved personality is fine but not when you are the first lady. I believe Mrs Kenyatta needs to step up her game and be more involved with issues affecting the average Kenyan. She doesn’t want to be remembered just as a Kenyatta. She needs to establish her own legacy that people will remember her for not just as the wife of the President. Mrs. Kenyatta is too intelligent and rounded to be limited to that label.


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