Uhuru and Ruto’s plan to use Westgate attack as an ICC escape route backfires.


President Uhuru and Deputy Ruto’s administration may have made a miscalculated move by ignoring the security threat the country faced prior to the West Gate attack. Revealing information indicate that the Uhuru government was aware of a looming attack facing the nation but failed to act or warn the public maybe in an effort to capitalize on the tragedy  and hopefully twist the arm of the ICC.  The plan may have been to win local and international sympathy and to paint ICC as heartless by proceeding with cases against leaders whose country  has experienced a serious tragedy but, it seems the plan backfired.

The Kenyan community has been pressing for answers and the anger is being directed towards Uhuru and his administration.  The Kenyan media is holding off on reporting sensitive matters to the public and meetings as well as detailed revelations  seem to be held behind closed doors.This behavior is not sitting well with the Kenyan public.

The only information known to the public is  regarding  the white widow who Al Shabaab has denied working with during this crime. The Kenyan government even asked for a warrant against Samantha from the international police who have made it clear that the warrant issued had nothing to do with the  West Gate tragedy.

In the mean time, Deputy Ruto has been ordered to show up at the Hague for a continuation of his trial on Oct 2nd  and President Uhuru’s request for a January 2014 postponement has been denied. It is a sad possibility that the  Uhuru administration may have intentionally allowed a tragedy on Kenyan soil as a way for the President and his Deputy  to avoid facing the crimes against humanity charges levied against them. While we may never know the content of information the President knew about the warnings, one would assume though that his security arm would have brought this vital security threat to his attention during his briefings.

One would ask, might this constant need to avoid the Hague an indication of guilt? Why would Uhuru’s administration avoid placing security measures and warnings to the public about an impending attack even with all the intelligence they had received? Uhuru has also been using the African Union as a voice to send a message to the international community about their unhappiness with the ICC cases. They want the cases to go away.

What Uhuru and Ruto do not understand is that no one really cares about their status. They may be recognized as President and Deputy but, the cases against them still stand and there is really nothing they can do to change the direction the ICC has placed against them. The US, British and Israeli intelligence are assisting in the investigation of  the tragedy at West Gate and their findings will be made public. Any confirmed indication that the Kenyan government allowed this tragedy to happen might have a negative impact on the President and his Deputy which will obviously hurt their status at the ICC.

The remaining days will determine where Uhuru and Ruto stand. The Kenyan public is hoping that the government will hold responsible  whoever allowed this tragedy. Kenyans are aware that the government had foreknowledge of an attack and if no one is held responsible, there is a possibility of a public backlash against Uhuru and Ruto.


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