Uhuru Kenyatta’s conflicting positions. Why he is so right, yet so wrong

Uhuru Kenyatta has always echoed the sentiment that Kenya does not need the west and truth be told he is one hundred percent right on this. Africa has the capability of sustaining itself without the help of the international community and the Western world knows this. Matter of fact, Africa can sustain itself and the rest of the world without breaking a sweat.  This might explain why countries like the United States have purchased large pieces of land in Africa because it is believed that everyone will soon look to Africa for their livelihood.

So with this information, we know that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cry for an independent Africa is the right echo and if Africans do not see where he is coming from with this, we might miss an important call. Well, we all know the reason behind this for him is due to the ICC trials but the underlying message is what Africa needs. A WAKE UP CALL FOR SELF RELIANCE.

His position due to the ICC trials is controversial and he seems to be trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Uhuru Kenyatta has been trying diligently to work with African countries by trying to promote regional trade something Africa desperately needs. Africa does not have to keep looking to the West for solutions to all their problems when the answers are all on our finger tips. Western economies have taken a hit over the years and some are unable to provide for her citizens so Africa needs a solution and the answers are at home not abroad.

No one has ever challenged African countries to remove themselves from the ICC. No one has ruffled the feathers of the African Union like Uhuru Kenyatta has. Even though he has a selfish reason behind it, a clear headed person will heed the call and say “maybe, this man is right” Africa needs independence. Africa needs to work together. Africa needs a man or woman  with  Uhuru Kenyatta’s courage to challenge. the West.

The vast wealth that Africa has is what sustains the globe. Take for example Congo. Congo produces  80% of the world’s Coltan. Coltan is the reason your laptops and cellphones work today. If the African Union can work together and help Congo rise up from the ashes of war, Congo can be the wealthier country in Africa. The West doesn’t want a stable Congo and are  constantly funding rebels to keep the area at war. It is high time we had African leaders at the AU who understand that Africa’s wealth is not cash but what is in her soil. Africa needs leaders who will come together for the benefit of the continent.

Most African leaders are now calling for a new Democracy for Africa.  Mr Frederik Willem de Klerk, former President of the Republic of South Africa, on Tuesday said African countries might need to evolve their own special forms of democracy to suit the special needs of their people.He said: “I have the greatest admiration for both the American and British democracies but the point I am making is that they should not be so quick to pontificate to Africa” and i agree with this sentiment.

Africa needs to change her direction. Africa needs a new beginning but, it must begin with the people. Kenya is a great country with excellent citizens. The problem Kenya has is greedy leaders and unfortunately Uhuru Kenyatta is one of those leaders. This explains my sentiment that he is right for Africa in his call for independence and wrong for Kenya because he uses Kenya’s weakness of tribalism and nepotism to gain influence. He has failed to unite the country and his own cabinet is comprised of most of his tribesmen an indication that he is in it for personal gain.

The kind of leader Kenya needs is one who will unite all 42 tribes and one who will have the mind of Uhuru Kenytta to call for an independent Africa. What Kenyans have to remember is, now that wealth like  Oil has been found, the West will come calling and normally somehow, terrorism follows oil with a wave of instability  like in Nigeria. Kenyans must stand firm and ensure that Kenya is protected from “terror”. The only way to do this is to unite. Kenya needs a leader who will use the wealth found to provide for her citizens and not for personal gratification.

Arise Kenya, Unite and show the world that you can be the champions of Africa. Kenya has raised world game changers and it is time for the country to show the world that she can use her wealth to sustain her economy to the extent that  very little western support  will be needed. This is possible with great leaders in office and in parliament.


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