Uhuru Kenyatta gathered African Countries to seek protection when a warrant is issued for his arrest.

The African Union meeting may seem ordinary but Uhuru has an agenda and it has nothing to do with uniting Africans. You see, just like he used Kenya’s Parliament to pass an ICC resolution, he has used the African Union to seek sympathy when he refuses to attend the ICC trials.

Some of these African countries are signatories to the ICC and are require to turn a fugitive in when a warrant is issued. What this African union meeting means, is that none of these countries will turn Uhuru Kenyatta into the ICC when he fails to show up for his scheduled trial in November. He  will be using African countries as a refuge from the ICC.

Another failed continent protecting criminals.


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  1. FROM threat of withdrawal to a kick of a dying horse called ultimatum

    Did we not say that the threat of withdrawal from ICC was a mere grandstanding and useless intimidation to ICC by frogs and lame donkeys who are known as butchers and murderers of their own citizens for political power. The African dictators led by Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe met on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and instead of withdrawing en-mass as they had threatened before the meeting, the cowards backed-off abandoning and throwing Uhuru Kenyatta under the bus like they did before to the late Muamar Gadhafi of Libya. After cheating and beating the drums of war to Uhuru Kenyatta that he should defy the ICC, the dictators have now abandoned Uhuru at the last minute by asking him to carry his own cross. Uhuru was asked to write a letter to the UN Security Council seeking deferral as provided for in Article 15 of the Rome Statute. Sources inside the closed-door deliberations of the Council of Ministers disclosed that Kenya had placed two requests for consideration – that the ICC cases be deferred and that the ICC be substantially reformed. Members agreed on the first request but were apprehensive on the latter noting that ICC was an independent institution and besides Africa lacked the necessary numbers to push for such changes. It was resolved, among other agreements, that a five-member committee of the executive council, including one Kenyan, be formed to deliver the AU resolution and ultimatum to the UN next month. And to ensure this, the AU has given the United Nations Security Council an ultimatum of up to November 12 – the same day Uhuru trial is scheduled to begin – to defer the Kenyatta case. If by November 30 the African leaders would not have received any communication from the UN, the AU will reconvene yet again to deliberate on the way forward. It is presumed that the plan of action may involve mass withdrawal by African nations from the Rome Statute.The decision, arrived at by the African Heads of State during a special session in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, is also meant to benefit Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir who is an earlier ICC indictee. And as if to make sure other similar Kenyatta and Al-Bashir cases do not come up, it was also resolved that any African country wishing to refer any cases to ICC must first refer to the AU for guidance and possible approval. While to those with heads in the sand who think that Uhuru secured a breather, the fate of his William Ruto was swept under the carpet, as AU’s proposed privileges are did not cover deputy or vice presidents. Once again, the african dictators pledged to embark on their own mechanism of trying their own cases of crimes against humanity, mass murder and rape by strengthen the African Court of Justice and Human Rights as the first step.

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