William Ruto emerging as a better leader than Uhuru Kenyatta.

During the campaign period, Uhuru Kenyatta swore up and down that ICC was a personal matter and that he would co-operate with the institution. Now that he is president and his case is just around the corner, Uhuru Kenyatta is fighting tooth and nail to avoid the ICC.

Uhuru Kenyatta seems to be the type of man who tells you want you want to hear to get what he wants and then changes his mind. He is stuck on selfish mode probably due to the fact that he has had his way all his life. He appears manipulative and self absorbed even seems to be trying to throw William Ruto under the bus. Why can’t he do what he promised to do?

It is a pity that Kenya is stuck with such a person as President. William Ruto on the other hand has kept his word. He is sacrificing his time to ensure that his name is cleared so he can return to work. William Ruto seems to understand that his lack of corporation with the ICC will cost Kenya and his family and for this reason, he decided to put his  family and country first and do what he has to do.

A man who keeps his word is much more trust worthy that a man who will do anything to manipulate everyone around him for personal gain.   A real leader leads by example and whatever Uhuru is trying to do will not benefit him or the country because ICC will not drop the cases against him. The best thing for Uhuru Kenyatta to do, is to keep his word, put his ego aside and do what he promised to do during the campaign period.

Uhuru also has this tendency of running Kenya like a his personal property. He doesn’t seem to think that his actions will not only affect him, but the country as a whole. One instance is when he recalled the UN ambassador leaving Kenya with no representation at the UN. What exactly was he trying to prove by doing this? And please, don’t get me started with his tribalism and nepotism. Something is seriously wrong with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenya needs to act before this man runs Kenya to the ground just to prove a point to the Western World.

It is my hope that this is an eye opener for Jubilee supporters. I am sure most love their President very much especially for the fact that he is a kikuyu but, the reality of the matter is, Kenya has 42 tribes and all these people are tax payers. Yes, they pay the kikuyu President’s salary too so, their voices matter and Kenya’s hope is that the jubilee coalition will pressure Uhuru Kenyatta to go to the Hague and face trial like he said he would and if he can not do this, then he should  resign.


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