FKF President wants charges against Uhuru Kenyatta dropped because he ‘can’t be away when Fifa visits Kenya’

Kenya: Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Sam Nyamweya  has urged the International Criminal Court to drop  President Uhuru Kenyatta’s charges  because “his presence in court would hurt the country”.

Nyamweya said arraigning Uhuru in court would go against international interest since Kenya was an important player in the fight against global terrorism as witnessed recently during the terror attack at Westgate Mall.

The FKF boss also took issue with The Hague-based court, arguing that in seeking  justice for victims of the post-election chaos that rocked the country in 2007 and 2008, the court should balance between the quest  to have justice and the duty the President is constitutionally mandated  to perform in governing the country.

Support for AU Plea

“I appeal to the ICC to consider the important role the Head of State has to play in governance because it is Kenyans who elected him and as such entrusted Uhuru with the all-important responsibility of running the country’s affairs,” he said.

Nyamweya argued the timing of Uhuru’s trial would also conflict with the sports calendar. According to him the trial would affect a regional conference to deliberate the key role that football plays in fostering peace where heads of states and governments are expected to attend. His trial would also affect world football governing body plans.

Uhuru is expected to be around on November 27 to receive the Fifa world cup trophy, which, according to regulations, cannot be handled by anybody except the head of state.

“I back AU resolution to petition  the UNSC to ask the ICC to stop the cases facing Uhuru, his deputy William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang,” Nyamweya said.


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