Nigerian lady attacked on Social Media For Speaking Out against her corrupt government

Her name is Kola and she is the current victim  of African social media attacks.  You see, Kola wanted the world to know why she is not happy with her country and why she is not going back to Nigeria unless things change. Kola is unhappy with  the oppressive and corrupt system of government that has become the norm. Kola wants to go back home some day but  understands however, that her fight for change will be of no use because the system doesn’t want change leaving Kola with no option but to abandon her support for her beloved country.  Her opinion has however been received with negative criticism. Her countrymen are attacking her, calling her a traitor and going as far as attacking her “fake” US accent.

The truth of the matter is, Kola is right. Nigeria  needs change.  Nigeria is the eighth largest world oil producer  but the numbers don’t add up. The governors have looted the treasuries of their states leaving their constituents with rampant poverty. These looted monies are hidden in European banks, used to buy nice houses in London etc at the expense of the tax payers.  Kola is among the few  Africans who have given up on their countries.  Nigeria should be one of the wealthiest countries in Africa but the country has nothing to show for it. There is poor infrastructure, high levels of poverty and unemployment and the government system is ripe with corruption.

Africa needs a new vision and new leadership but, Africa is a strange continent. Only in a Africa will a person be attacked for speaking against her corrupt government  despite the fact that what was said is truth. Are Africans really ready for change? Do Africans really care that their leaders are corrupt and do not have their  better interest at heart?

The answer is NO!! Africans don’t care about change. Africans do not want to be reminded of the poverty in their backyard and that the cause of all their problem is government. In fact Africans will keep voting for the same corrupt officials, won’t hold them accountable and will not care to change anything and  but will  still complain about the poverty and corruption. Africans will speak  will fight and die for leaders who oppress them. Africans do not want change and let it be known, it is a continental tragedy.

Take Kenya for example. The current President is an ICC suspect but, the people of Kenya will do  everything they can to protect Uhuru Kenyatta against the charges facing him. His community members do not even care to hear the evidence that the ICC may have against him. They do not care to open their eyes to the possibility that Uhuru Kenyatta might actually be guilty of crimes against humanity. Uhuru on  the other hand is loving the ignorance and matter of fact, has rewarded his voters by raising the cost of living through a VAT bill,  is ready to sign an oppressive media law, has done very little to ease unemployment and plans to do so much more and eve with these his people still see no evil in him.

For Africa to change, the mindset of the people of Africa must evolve. Life isn’t getting any cheaper and Africa can not be competitive  unless the leadership changes and people begin to demand more. It is time to hold leaders accountable, impeach leaders who do not produce and force their leaders  to understand that they are servants of the people not masters.


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