Why Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta needs to be sued for Tribalisim and Nepotisim.


Most people in government tend to favor those who side with them which is normal but, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta has taken tribalism and nepotism to a whole new level. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta has made it his ambition to ensure that only family and close friends represent the face of Kenya. The problem with this, his family doesn’t represent the views of all Kenyans and the rest of Kenya is still expected to pay taxes to a government that is only governed by one tribe.

Nepotism and tribalism are a national disaster. One can not marginalize a whole country in an effort to favor a few. The underlining issue is, Uhuru Kenyatta has a plan. Perhaps his advisors are  trying to help him protect his presidency by ensuring that Uhuru Kenyatta doesn’t make the “mistakes” his father did  but Uhuru’s advisers  must remember that this is 2013 not 1963. Kenya has evolved and a new constitution is in play. The world has become more transparent and his plan to create a one tribe government is bound to terribly fail.

Mr.Kenyatta, it is time for you to join the leadership of the 21st centruy and stop trying to drag Kenya back into a dark time of divisive politics. If you can not work with all Kenyans, then please, by all means, stop collecting taxes from other communities who are not represented in your government. This government is not your play book. It is a collective effort of everyone, all 42 millions of us. The voices of the Kamba, Luo, Taita, Giriama etc must be represented in your government. You are affecting growth and development by taking us back into dark times. Your actions make it seem that you have a serious agenda of looting Kenya and you want your close allies in your corner.  Is this why you are also trying to gag media? Do not  play with the intelligence of Kenyans  Mr. President. Kenya is a beautiful country with great people. Do not take Kenya back into a dark time.


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