Her Excellency Rachel Ruto’s Encouraging words to the Women of Homabay County

DEPUTY President William Ruto’s wife, Rachel, has asked women to embrace the table banking concept through which they can save and access loans for investment from their contributions.

She said women across the country should form groups and make use of table banking concept in a bid to empower themselves and eradicate poverty. “If there is anything I am completely passionate about,it must be when I see women and youth empowered economically so that we eradicate poverty. So youth and women should form groups so as to benefit from government,”she said.

She said the government through Poverty Eradication Commission launched the table banking system with the aim of helping women in rural areas access funds to start income generating activities.

Rachel said two pilot projects were initiated by the government in 1999 and improved in 2004 in Bondo and Gatanga which proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is the best way to help women groups prosper.

“Let us refuse to remain down economically for long,it is time we stand up and initiate income generating projects which can uplift our living standards,” Rachel said.

“The more we prosper as women, the more we are going to help as many people as possible in the society,” she added.


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