Disrepectful Uhuru wants to use Raila, Kalonzo and Marende as Errand “boys”- No kidding


A new proposal awaiting debate in the National Assembly will require Rt. PM Raila Odinga, V-P Kalonzo Musyoka and Speaker Kenneth Marende to quit politics and in addition, obligate the gentlemen to run errands for  President Kenyatta in order to receive their retirement perks.

The final version of the Retirement Benefits (Deputy President and Designated State Officers) Bill 2013 has also dropped the Chief Justice and his deputy, the Attorney General, the Chief of Defence Forces, plus the deputy Speakers of the Senate and the National Assembly from the list of “designated” State officers.

That means, when the officers who have been dropped from the list retire, they will have to depend on their contributions to their respective retirement schemes, unless the Salaries and Remuneration Commission works out their package.  Raila, Kalonzo and Marende  will still get their pension however, – 80 per cent of what they earned while in office plus the full amount they put in any pension scheme during their tenure in office.

The MPs also have the power to decide who gets  the perks, but such a resolution has to be approved by 175 lawmakers in the 349-member Parliament. It can only arise if the MPs believe that the retiree do not deserve the perks because they left office for having violated the Constitution or if “guilty of gross misconduct”. To be on the safe side of the retirement politics, the Bill has a clause that if any of the politicians decide to continue in elective politics, then, their pay will be deducted from the retirement perks. They will get whatever remains after such a deduction.

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