Kenya power and lightning costs Kenya Sh25m a day as a result of power outages



Power losses by use of faulty equipment is costing the country at least Sh25 million a day, according to data released by the government yesterday.

The Energy Regulatory Commission says at least 525,000 units of electricity are lost every hour due to inefficiencies. Going by the minimum charge of Sh2 per unit of electricity for domestic consumers, the loss runs into millions of shillings a day.

As a result, ERC has embarked on developing a curriculum for training energy auditors who are expected to carry out audits of more than 3,000 firms in a bid to curb the losses.ERC director for renewable energy Pavel Oimeke says they are targeting to train 300 auditors in the next two years.“We have over 3,000 facilities that must conduct energy audits between now and September 2016.


However, there are just about 20 auditors who are licensed to carry out the exercise,” said Mr Oimeke.

The Energy Management Regulations 2012 require all institutions consuming more than 180,000 units of electricity a year to carry out energy audits, at their own cost, every three years and maintain a record of their energy consumption for a minimum five years.

Development of the curriculum kicked off with a workshop attended by representatives from ERC, the government and the private sector that was held at Strathmore business school yesterday.

Failure by firms to file audit reports with the ERC within six months after conclusion of the audit will see them face penalties of up to Sh1 million


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