Kenya still one of the most corrupt countries in Africa according to T.I 2013


Kenya continues to rank poorly in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index launched today by the global Transparency International movement.

The Index ranks Kenya at position 136 out of 177 countries and territories surveyed, with a score of 27 on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. Kenya’s score in the index remains unchanged from the 2012 index.

“Kenya’s score has remained disappointingly low and stagnant over a long period of time. Evidently whatever efforts that have been put into the fight against corruption have borne little results. A new impetus and approach to this issue is required,” said Samuel Kimeu, Executive Director of TI Kenya.

Botswana remains the highest ranked country in Africa at position 30 with a score of 64, followed by Cape Verde at position 41 with a score of 58. Seychelles at position 47 with a score of 54, Rwanda at position 49 with a score 54 and Mauritius at position 52 with a score of 52 complete the top five African Countries. Guinea Bissau at position 163, with a score of 19, Libya at position 172 with a score of 15, South Sudan at position 173 with a score of 14, Sudan at position 174 with a score of 11 and Somalia at position 174 with a score of 8 are the 5 bottom ranked countries in Africa in the index.


Only six out of the 55 African Countries ranked in the index scored 50 and above, a possible indication of serious corruption problem on the continent.

“Africa fares badly in our view because of the opacity that afflicts public affairs. It is worth noting that few countries have effective access to information laws and free media. The solution is greater transparency and empowering of the public to ensure accountability of public officials and institutions,” said Mr. Kimeu.



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