The two second Obama handshake that excited Uhuru and his supporters.


There was a feeling of excitement among  Jubilee supporters when Mr. Obama extended a handshake to Mr Uhuru.Who knew Obama could excite so many people from central considering the fact that his lineage is linked to the very  loathed Nyanza.  To some, it may have been vindication that perhaps there is hope for their controversial President who for once was considered an “equal” through a handshake.

The handshake didn’t last two seconds though and President Obama did not reach out to have a chat with Mr Kenyatta, something he normally does when he reaches out to world leaders but, this didn’t stop his supporters from throwing an online photo-op party in honor of the event.  This is the only photo Pres. Obama has taken with  Pres.Uhuru and is the first time the two men have met since the elections in March 4th 2013

The handshake seemed to have also brought the ignorant citizens out of the woodwork. The social media attacks were resurrected and the comments seem to have been a reflection that Jubilee supporters have not learned the value of unity and forgiveness which shaped Nelson Mandela’s life . It is a waste that a country so big still harbors ignorant people who pride themselves on conquest other than pursuit of success for everyone. To Jubilee supporters, that handshake was more important than the message of love which Mandela stood for.

President Uhuru may have also seen this as an opportunity to score political points. This picture was immediately tweeted. The sad reality is, Kenya is still divided along tribal lines and it may take a while before some people get over hate and embrace love and success. Kenya would be one of the best countries in the world if citizens  grew out of their tribalism.


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